Orange wave rattles Saint-Laurent’s Liberal fortress

Sylvain Sarrazin
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Dion re-elected, although disappointed

Outgoing Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) Stéphane Dion kept his seat in the House of Commons despite the strong showing of New Democratic Party candidate Maria Florez who took nearly 30% of the votes. Dion received a count bordering 43%.

Located at his electoral office on Décarie Boulevard, Dion followed the results of the evening, accompanied by some volunteers and party faithful. He helplessly witnessed the Liberal collapse, which saw representatives fall like flies one by one. The final blow came with the defeat of Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff.

It was the orange wave that reached the edge of Saint-Laurent, although Dion did not have to wait long to be re-elected in his district of Saint-Laurent - Cartierville.

“We survived this wave thanks to our team of volunteers,” said the returning MP. […] Now, it will be necessary to reflect and ask how to rebuild the party.” The good news from this election is that we succeeded to defeat the Bloc, even if in fact the NDP did it.”

In fact, the Bloc Québécois crumbled in Saint-Laurent - Cartierville, as it did almost everywhere else in the province. The score of candidate William Fayad oscillated around 7% all evening ending up at 7.3%. The NDP seemed to have cut into the Bloc vote, a trend which was seen at the provincial level.

The Conservatives represented by Svetlana Litvin, collected 17.5% of the votes. Obviously disappointed by his party results, Dion was in no mood to start making plans. “We respect democracy,” he said. “We will digest the results before starting to think of rebuilding.”

“It is normal, that when there is a wave it will reach us here,” he continued. “Saint-Laurent - Cartierville is not an island. This time, voters said that to us; they wanted to vote differently. I nevertheless want to remain the MP of everyone in this district.”

(Translated by Michael Beigleman)

Organisations: New Democratic Party, House of Commons, Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff Bloc Québécois

Lieux géographiques: District of Saint-Laurent, Cartierville, Quebec

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